Healthcare Access Worldwide Inc.

Our impact in the community started in 2017 when the organization was established and with the creation of a strong social media presence. We provide the community with a forum to ask questions from well established and board-certified clinicians. Through #AskHAWI questions can be asked directly in the group or anonymously through our admins and moderators. We also provide monthly health awareness of common and rare diseases. Additionally, we educate via live videos, and by sharing other videos from reputable organizations such as the WHO, CDC and from the pages of medical professionals and patients battling a disease.

HAWI First Medical Mission in Kenya, December 2018. Areas served included: Kagoro, Homa Bay County over 200 patients served.

HAWI was supported by the area chief Mrs. Winnie BoitGodo, Phelix Wambogo from the Addis Clinic, Marylyn Mutenyo, Penny Awiti, local volunteers and donors who provided meals for the volunteers.

El Molo Layieni village in Marsabit County Over 300 patients were evaluated and treated. Event organizers and Leadership by Carol Kioi and Dr. Edith Mwebe

Partners for El Molo mission included CITAM (Christ Is The Answer Ministry) Church.

Other partners included Barnabas Ministries Africa, Lesafi drinking water.

Tiaty Mission in Chesitet and Nasorot villages in Baringo County. Over 1000 patients served.

Sponsors included:

-TuyaChelal - Kuza Afrika Initiative

-Ground Zero Mobile Clinic

-Ministry of Health, Baringo County

-Women's Representative of Baringo County

Event organizer & leadership, Dr. Julius Nyoru

HAWI Leadership & Event Organizers in 2018:

Faith: Faith Anyango Richard, Founder & CEO

Barbara Adhiambo, Volunteer Director

Richard Leloon

Albert Chelanga

Common diseases treated during HAWI's 1st Medical Mission:





-Instestinal disorders

-soil contaminated helminthic infections




-Tooth & Gum disease


-Trachoma & Blindness

-Musculoskeletal injuries

HAWI 2nd Medical Mission in 2019 happened in 4 villages.

-Magunga, Homa Bay County

-Tiaty, Baringo County

-KitoghotoTaita-Taveta County and

The Magunga event was graced by The chief of the area, Mrs. Winnie BoitGodo, the local Magunga hospital medical provider, Mr. Richard Ojuok who is a clinical officer, Mr. Richard Okoth and Jared Owuondah who helped to organize the event and Mr. Austin Oduor Otieno, President of Global Association of Clinical Officers and Physician Associates(GACOPA). We treated multiple conditions with emphasis and focus of hypertension, diabetes, anemia, malnutriton, malaria, eye diseases and defects. Eye glasses and corrective lenses were provided to the local community.

Tiaty Mission was a success. We were in 2 very remote and hard to access areas ~ Silale&Toplen. Our event was officially opened and approved by the health officials in Baringo County. It is malaria season. We had very sick children. We set up an ED & Acute Care in the bush. IV fluids and injectable medications were administered. May God protect the little innocent children. For those children we treated, may they grow up to be a testimony of the goodness of the Lord.

Thank you Steve Riongo, Albert Chelanga and all volunteers for the great job.

Chepochepkai is my new name. #HAWI2019

We screened for HIV, Malaria, Diabetes, Hypertension and Cervical cancer.

We provided multivitamins and deworming medications.

Multiple diseases were treated by both local and international medical professionals that included a family physician from Cuba and a pediatrician who lived and studied in the area Dr. Mumbai.

In 2020, We've had great impact on our Facebook group which has almost 29,000 members. This is a group that accept people from all tribes, nationalities, races, countries and regions.

#AskHAWI question and answer from medical professionals continues to thrive. Our impact online far exceeds our our work on the ground. Through educational videos as well as timely responses to medical questions, our work continues long after the medical mission is complete.

In 2020, our work has focused on Covid-19 and the negative impact has created in the communities. We've partnered with Terri Foundation to provide masks, handwashing stations and food to those who've been affected by poverty and to improve hand sanitation which decrease disease

August/September 2021 Collaboration between HAWI & Terri Foundation in Pawor in the North Western Part of Uganda along the Western bank of world's longer river, River Nile.

Being a region where former dictator Idi Amin Dada come from, it's politically ignored via infrastructures in this current government.

Pawor has a population of over 5,000 people, poor and vulnerable. Semi permanent buildings are in few numbers with majority grass thatched houses.

Economic activities in Pawor are: subsistance farming and local fishing since they live along the Nile river.